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First Online Meeting of the Task Force Establishes Priorities for the Next 30 Days

The Diocesan Reimagining Task Force is please to support we got through our first online meeting with minimal technical difficulties. Our agenda for today was to establish some goals for the next 30 days. To that end, we are splitting into four groups:

  1. Data gathering: This group, shepherded by Lara Dreyer, will focus on gathering qualitative and quantitative data about our diocese and its parishes, as well as information about what other diocese are up to.
  2. Evangelism: Scott Wilson will shepherd this group, which will develop means and messages to get information about this task force out to the parishes. This will include developing talking points, frequently asked questions, and getting on the schedules for adult forums throughout the diocese.
  3. Communications: This team will focus on our communications infrastructure (website, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), including developing editorial standards, frequency of communications, etc. Brendan O’Sullivan-Hale will lead this team.
  4. Budget: This group will focus on the narrow matter of the budget request to support the work of this task force. The resolution that chartered this task force did not provide for funding, so we are currently working without a budget. This is a separate issue from the larger diocesan budget, which we expect to spend some time on beyond the first 30 days. The Rev. Steve Carlsen will lead this group.

A question was raised regarding what these tasks have to do with what we are chartered to do as a task force. The fact of the matter is that the resolution calls for discernment, and here we’re doing a lot of blocking and tackling. It’s necessary stuff, but we’re not to the heart of what we’re about yet.

We continue to ask the prayers of the Diocesan Household as we move forward in our work. We also ask for your input. Use this space, our social media presence, or use this map to track down a task force member near you.

Meeting Minutes – April 28, 2013

Reviewing the 2014 Diocesan Budget

It’s often said that the budget of a religious institution is a truer reflection of its theology than almost anything else it does. There are limits to this argument. After all, the classic three pillars of Episcopal stewardship are time, talent, AND treasure, and what we do we this the first two is just as important as the last. But what we do with our treasure matters.

Seeing as it is only mid-April, it may come as a surprise that the process of developing the diocesan budget for 2014 is well under way. The Executive Council of the Diocese is making a concerted effort to be as transparent as possible about this year’s budget process, and is seeking input from stakeholders throughout the diocese. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a stakeholder.

Draft budget
Budget narrative

Take some time to read through the budget. If you’re not a numbers person by nature, use the narrative document for a nearly line-by-line explanation of what you’re looking at. Consider how this budget meets the needs of this diocese and our call as a Christian family in central and southern Indiana. What questions do you have?

The Executive Council is really, truly, seeking input. You can forward comments to Marsha Gebuhr at You can leave questions or comments here, and we’ll forward them on and do our best to get you answers (please be sure to indicate what parish you’re from). Or you can attend one of the three remaining Executive Council Listening Sessions. There’s one at St. Paul’s New Albany Sunday, April 21, at 2:30 pm, one at St. Timothy’s Indianapolis on Thursday, May 2 at 6:30pm, and at St. Andrew’s New Castle on Wednesday, May 22 at 7:00 pm.

Greetings from the Diocesan Reimagining Task Force

The Diocesan Convention resolution that created the restructuring task force specified that we were to have our first meeting before Easter. We were late – but in retrospect that’s a good thing.

We met for the first time at Waycross Camp and Conference Center on Friday and Saturday of Easter Week. It seemed fitting that we were starting to envision the future of the Episcopal Church in central and southern Indiana while still fresh from the experience of the celebration of our Lord’s resurrection.

As a group we represent 17 parishes from every corner of the diocese. All six deaneries have a member. In group discussions some of us described our parishes as “on fire” in the best possible way, while others were concerned for their long-term viability. Our ages range from 23 to “late middle age.” The vast majority of us are spiritual immigrants who came to the Episcopal Church by choice, not birth.

The title of the resolution indicates restructuring, but we kept asking ourselves over the weekend, “Restructuring for what?” The language of the resolution itself is much broader than that, though, and directs us toward reimagining. We are to “discern a shared vision for the mission and ministries of the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis, and the relationship among the diocese and its constituent missions, parishes, and other bodies that reflects the love of Jesus Christ,” and only then “develop recommendations … to achieve that vision together, with God’s help.”

Our initial meeting was mostly to get to know each other, to share our motivations, hopes and fears, and to develop a few concrete next steps to help us move forward. Accordingly, we have taken the following actions:

  1. We have named ourselves the Diocesan Reimagining Task Force.

  2. We have appointed a group of three co-conveners to help keep us on track. These are: Lara Dreyer (St. Mark’s, Plainfield), Brendan O’Sullivan-Hale (All Saints, Indianapolis), and Scott Wilson (Holy Family, Fishers). Jaimie Murdock will serve as our secretary.

  3. We have committed to transparent and open communications. We will be active on our website (, e-mail, Facebook, and other social media platforms as appropriate, and will furnish information to the diocese and to parishes that can be distributed via print as well. In return, we hope that you, the Diocesan household will provide input to us.

In coming days and weeks we will be establishing some near-term priorities for projects we will take on as we start our process of discernment. We will announce those projects as quickly as we are able. Watch this space.

We would like to express our gratitude for the support of Bishop Cate and the Executive Council; for the generosity in time and spirit of the Rev. Don Jones, who served as our chaplain this weekend, and for the remarkable talents of Debbie Asberry, who served as our facilitator as we got organized. We ask all of you for your prayers.

We proceed confident that our risen Lord stands alongside our whole diocese in our service to God and the communities around us, “…for surely I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope.” (Jeremiah 29:11)

Yours in Christ,

The Diocesan Reimagining Task Force

The Rev. Bill Barfield, St. Augustine’s Danville
Larry Baumgardner, St. John’s Crawfordsville
Will Boggs, St. Francis in the Fields Zionsville
The Rev. Steven Carlsen, Christ Church Cathedral Indianapolis
Randy Conner, St. Paul’s Evansville
Lara Dreyer, St. Mark’s Plainfield
Alissa Goudswaard, St. John’s Lafayette
Katherine Holtzleiter, Trinity Anderson
The Rev. Enid Morrison, St. Matthew’s Indianapolis
Jaimie Murdock, Canterbury House Episcopal Campus Ministry Bloomington
The Rev. Rebecca Nickel, St. Timothy’s Indianapolis
Brendan O’Sullivan-Hale, All Saints Indianapolis
William Strauss, St. Paul’s New Albany
The Rev. Karen Sullivan, St. Philip’s Indianapolis
The Rev. Mary Taflinger, Trinity Lawrenceburg
The Rev. Marc Vance, St. Paul’s Columbus
Scott Wilson, Holy Family Fishers