Materials for August 25 Meeting

The DRTF is meeting Sunday, August 25, at 6:30pm Eastern. The focus of our meeting will be finalizing our agenda for parish visits and dividing labor for our report to Diocesan Convention. You can follow along and participate in the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #indydiotf.

Materials for the meeting are below in Word and PDF formats.

Draft/Outline of Report to Diocesan Convention

DRTF Report Draft – pdf

DRTFReporttoDiocesanConvention-DraftOutline – Word

Evangelism/Parish Visit Agendas

DRTF Evangelism Agenda – pdf

DRTFEvangelismAgenda – Word

One thought on “Materials for August 25 Meeting

  1. Enid Morrison

    The following is some musings on my understanding of what it is we are called to reimagine.
    The essence of the church’s mission as the Body of Christ: to be God’s Christ – the chosen one – in the world. The model we are given is the life of Jesus of Nazareth.
    Boiling down the gospel accounts, Jesus did the following: having realized he was sent by God to the people of Israel, he prepared himself (‘in the desert’), he gathered together a community (the apostles and disciples), he taught and challenged the then understanding of evil by healing and casting out evil spirits.
    Jesus freely associated with all social groups – all the “unclean” of his day – the rich, the politically right and left wing, no one was excluded. He challenged the status quo.
    As a result, he was targeted as a troublemaker and ultimately executed. God and Jesus’ triumph came in his resurrection.
    The story of the Bible is of how human beings have, from the beginning, cheated themselves by their shortsightedness, their pride, their self interest, their fear. From the Garden of Eden to the present day, humans have worked against God, often deluding themselves into thinking they are doing God’s will.
    Our legacy from all this is the church. We are asked to reimagine our purpose – not to change our purpose to be God’s Christ in the world – but to reimagine what that might look like and be.
    Such a reimagining includes the structure at the diocesan and the parish level. What would it look like, how would we change? New wine does not go successfully into old skins. Would we have to give up some cherished traditions? What might we gain that is new and valuable?
    What new skins do we need? How much new wine can we take?


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