First Online Meeting of the Task Force Establishes Priorities for the Next 30 Days

The Diocesan Reimagining Task Force is please to support we got through our first online meeting with minimal technical difficulties. Our agenda for today was to establish some goals for the next 30 days. To that end, we are splitting into four groups:

  1. Data gathering: This group, shepherded by Lara Dreyer, will focus on gathering qualitative and quantitative data about our diocese and its parishes, as well as information about what other diocese are up to.
  2. Evangelism: Scott Wilson will shepherd this group, which will develop means and messages to get information about this task force out to the parishes. This will include developing talking points, frequently asked questions, and getting on the schedules for adult forums throughout the diocese.
  3. Communications: This team will focus on our communications infrastructure (website, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), including developing editorial standards, frequency of communications, etc. Brendan O’Sullivan-Hale will lead this team.
  4. Budget: This group will focus on the narrow matter of the budget request to support the work of this task force. The resolution that chartered this task force did not provide for funding, so we are currently working without a budget. This is a separate issue from the larger diocesan budget, which we expect to spend some time on beyond the first 30 days. The Rev. Steve Carlsen will lead this group.

A question was raised regarding what these tasks have to do with what we are chartered to do as a task force. The fact of the matter is that the resolution calls for discernment, and here we’re doing a lot of blocking and tackling. It’s necessary stuff, but we’re not to the heart of what we’re about yet.

We continue to ask the prayers of the Diocesan Household as we move forward in our work. We also ask for your input. Use this space, our social media presence, or use this map to track down a task force member near you.

Meeting Minutes – April 28, 2013

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