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  1. Canon Debra Kissinger

    The clergy of the diocese gather 3 times a year for single day educational and informational event. One such day is scheduled for:

    Fall Ember Day: September 12, 2013 – Interchurch Center, Indianapolis

    The topic of the day is: Deaneries & Regions: the Way of Collaboration.

    During this day, we will be exploring the relationships that exist between individual congregations, the Deaneries, and the Diocese in order to strengthen our identity and community and build collaboration and collegiality.

    The gathered group is looking for a summary report on the work on the Re-Imagining Task Force highlighting the work of the task force thus far. They are also interested in overarching themes the task force has discovered, with a special ear for how those discoveries might shape the work of deaneries in the future.

    The group will be looking for a 15-20 minute presentation from the Re-Imagining Task Force that would take place sometime during the day. We will be formalizing our schedule in August and will be looking to set a specific time during the day at that point.

    Please discuss this as a group and have the individual(s) who will lead this effort contact Debra Kissinger+ at Kissinger@indydio.org to set this up. Thank you.

    1. Brendan O'Sullivan-Hale

      Hi Canon Kissinger,

      Thanks for this information! We’ve got it on our agenda for tonight.


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